To the retailer, such as convenience store, aladDing gives an immediate and definite edge over their competitor. With this platform and its S2C online offline redemption capability, retailer can now sell more products and provide more services without increasing retail space and cost. This is traditionally impossible to do so. Thus, their sales and profitability is increased.

To the supplier, now they have more channels to sell their products. They can manage their product and promotion strategy through our friendly alaDing backend tools.

To the consumer, alaDing brings a new level of convenience on redemption.

We own and operate S2C online offline redemption platform called alaDing. Through our innovative mobile APP and cloud service, we give users the most practical and convenient redemption experience. We provide the necessary backend tool for retailer and supplier to manage their alaDing business effectively. Other supplementary services include providing the necessary supplier, product and call centre support.

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