We aim to build up a team with innovation£¬quality£¬efficiency and professionalism! We work hard and play hard!

Avantouch celebrated the Year-End dinner titled ¡®A New Journey. A New Leap.¡¯ on 29 Jan 2016. CEO Lee Kia Hwee concluded 2015 with a presentation of the past year performance and growth. At the same time, rallied everyone to achieve the 2016 targets set. Everyone was looking forward to a new journey passionately. In this event, colleague also demonstrated other side of his/her stage performance talent never seen before. Best of all, collaboration and assistance between departments had revealed the strong teamwork spirit among them. Farewell glorious 2015. Avantouch is taking a new journey and leap into the year of 2016.

On a sunny winter of February 2015, everyone in alaDing had gone to the Sun Island Resort in Shanghai for a meaningful year-end outing. In the resort, everyone had a good time and grew closer through all the various activities. These activities include ¡®Escape from Secret Room¡¯, go-kart racing, golf and horse riding. In the evening, our CEO, Lee Kia Hwee, summarized the company 2014 progress. At the same time, rallied everyone for a brighter 2015!

¡®Passion¡¯ was the theme for our year-end event which was held on the 20 Jan 2014. During the company meeting, CEO Lee Kia Hwee reviewed our 2013 performance, emphasized on our core values and charted the 2014 3C targets. At the dinner, everyone participated passionately on the games, performances and lucky draws. For the new year, we wish all our fellow colleagues to put their passion into building a brighter future for the company. Watch the highlight of the ¡®Passion¡¯ year-end event .

On 8 Aug 2013, our fortunate Suzhou office colleagues went to a sumptuous dinner to celebrate. They had won first prize from last year-end lucky draw. The gathering had promoted closer relationship between departments. Thus laid the foundation of good inter departments corporation.

18 May 2013, the channel and human resource departments organized a team building event namely ¡®Electrifying Avantouch¡¯. The event was carried out at the sandy white Shanghai Jinshan City beach. Such gathering not only leaves behind good memory, more importantly, it strengthens the team spirit and sense of belonging.

2013 Intel Developer Forum was held in Beijing and four of our core technology talents were there to learn about the future technology trends and advances. From the forum, we can understand the innovations by the leading companies and how these technologies will impact our lives. Being a growing innovative enterprise, we need to understand and leverage on the latest technologies to develop creative solutions. This will enable alaDing to bring endless possibilities of convenience to all corners of our daily routines.

We celebrated our annual Chinese year-end event, themed ¡®Together We Win¡¯, on the 24 Jan 2013. In the company meeting, our CEO, Lee Kia Hwee, summarized the excellent performance of our alaDing business. He also reinforced our core values of Innovation, Quality, Professionalism, Efficiency and Profitability. In the closing note, he rallied everyone in the company to focus on WOW customer experience. During the dinner, each department put up a great show which made the whole atmosphere electrifying. This event promoted teamwork among colleagues which met our objective of ¡®Together We Win¡¯. May 2013 be the year of greater height for Avantouch and we all work together to strive for it.

Orientation and training were separately carried out for our new colleagues and channel maintenance personnel. These were done at our Shanghai HQ office during May 2012 period. They all enjoyed the lively courses as they gotten to know the company core values and direction. Everyone is all charge up to bring the company to the next level. Our colleague from technical team, shared with the attendants his experience and knowledge. This enabled the channel team to better serve our valued customers.

12 May 2012, the Channel department went to Shanghai Senlin Park for a BBQ. Everyone prepared their own BBQ material and shared with everyone to have a fun filled and delicious event.

21 to 22 Apr 2012, 10 of our deserving colleagues who had won the Excellence Award went for a 2 days trip to Chunjiang and Hangzhao. The trip was full of laughter and colorful activities. Today, these 10 colleagues are bonded together and have developed deeper trust and appreciation with the company. We encourage more colleagues to thrive for the 2012 Excellence Award.

17 Jan 2012, we celebrated our year-end through a night of fun filled programs & dinner themed ¡®Thankful 2011, Welcome 2012¡¯. The night kicked off with our CEO encouraging speech, followed by creative performances, interactive games and exciting lucky draws. This event pulls everyone together, letting us appreciate the company¡¯s care and understand our culture and values.

With our ongoing Love & Care Drive, we still keep in touch with Yang Qin whom we had made donation and helped during the 2008 SiChuan earthquake. In Dec 2011, she wrote us a letter to show appreciation of Avantouch¡¯s care throughout these years. Accompanying the letter is a photo of his son outing whom have grown since. Yang Qin mentioned that their life is very much better and are happy.

11 Jun 2011, those working in Suzhou office had a well deserved relaxing BBQ organized in a lovely park in Suzhou. Our believe is that human resource is the most important asset and therefore, we put lots of emphasis in staff training to welfare.

Year-End dinner was celebrated on 20 Jan 2011 with a delightful meal, lucky draw, performance, game and award ceremony. As usual, the award was to reinforce our effort towards our core values and loyalty.

8 Oct 2010, we celebrated our move to a new office. This gives us the necessary space for our rapid growth to bring alaDing to the next level!

27 Jan 2010, we celebrated our Year-End dinner with scrumptious Chinese cuisines. Company core values (Innovation, Quality, Efficiency, Professionalism and Profitability) and 5 years long service awards were also honored to the deserving ones. Above are some joyous colleagues photos.

Love & Care Drive. We brought money and goodies, donated within the company, personally to the affected earthquake residences in SiChuan. July 2008


Avantouch Annual Party at Haoledi. 25th Jan 2008.


Putting in all our effort to get to the peak of Huangshan. 19th Oct 2007