AvanSMSTM 2.0 is NOW available. It includes many great features and functions such as
Improved Infrared connection to mobile phone
Large collection of Emoicons, Greetings and Templates to choose from for your SMS or simply build your own
Scheduled time to send SMS to individual, group(s) or mobile phone number range

AvanSMSTM 2.0 is a fantastic tool for personal or business use. In business, you can remind your valuable clients for appointments or tell them new products that you are offering through SMS.


"Wow. Now people can do selling, marketing or simply keeping in touch with valued customer easily through SMS from Microsoft Outlook."
                                          -Jennifer Lo, NEC Senior Manager

AvanSMSTM receives the top rating or 5-cow from Tucows, one of the reputable e-store.


AvanSMSTM Add-on for Outlook is your personal and business productivity tool that provides Short Message Service (SMS) in Microsoft Outlook. It is very useful, especially if you are on the move, where you can send and receive SMS regardless whether you are connected to the Internet. All you need is a notebook/PC, mobile phone or CDMA/GSM modem.

Composing, sending and receiving SMS is just like emailing within Outlook. It is further made easy and interesting as AvanSMSTM comes with a large collection of Emoicons, Greetings and Templates for your SMS or simply build your own.

Now, there is no more hassle to maintain multiple contact lists as the SMS distribution list can be retrieved from the Outlook contact list. You can send SMS immediately or at a scheduled time to individual, group(s) or mobile phone number range. AvanSMSTM is easily downloaded and installed. Once done, an additional function icon will appear within Outlook toolbar.

See the screenshot.

Cost Effective:

Traditionally, you would send SMS through a SMS ASP or Application Service Provider if you are using your computer. You will be charged by the number of SMS by the ASP.

Through AvanSMSTM, you can recover your investment within a week especially for countries where SMS through mobile phone is free.

Buy Now:

For a limited introductory period, we are promoting AvanSMSTM at a discount of 50%.

System Requirement:

Notebook/PC(Infrared enabled)
GSM mobile phone(Infrared enabled)/Wavecom GSM Modem/BellWave CDMA Modem


If you have any question, please email us.

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